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  • Document Accurately

  • Increase Reimbursements

  • Reduce Denials

  • Win Appeals

  • Improve Performance

  • Get Easy Access to CMS Recognized Systems, Tools, Software, and Subject Experts

TOPLINE HEALTHCARE is a system solutions and technology company officially recognized by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for proven excellence in reducing error rates and increasing the accuracy in Provider clinical documentation. Our team of experts helps you reduce denials, increase reimbursements, and successfully navigate the complications and challenges facing you in the healthcare industry today.

Our Mission is to improve the health of provider outcomes by innovating systems and technology that supports patient-centered care, which in turn improves the overall health of our nation.




The overwhelming need for improvement in payments from CMS and payers across the board led to the development, I implementation, and CMS pilot proven success of our effective and time-saving software, Codeable LanguageTM.  Along with our proven system and processes, this user-friendly CMS RECOGNIZED software helps providers to quickly, efficiently and effectively complete their documentation, which reduces your error rate while increasing the accuracy, speed, and payment of reimbursements.

Denials & Appeals

Of more than 3,400 hearings before the ALJ, we have won 99.9% of these cases with our uniquely systematic approach, which includes providing metrics that are measurable by CMS.  Our methodology, systems, and software (as validated in the first-ever successful CMS pilot program) give you advancement in all levels of appeals.  This proven system is measurable, dependable and repeatable, which directly results in maximization of revenues and expedition of payments to providers.


With the emphasis on documentation improvement and clinical validity, our team of subject matter experts (including physicians, clinical staff, support staff, case management, and administrative office) offers customized and certification training programs that strategically help providers get ahead and take control of the overwhelming workload associated with changes within today's healthcare system.

Data Security & Applications

By doing a thorough review of processes and workflows, we determine your areas of vulnerability and formulate a power plan of action. Our clinical experts work in conjunction with our advisory council, which consists of highly noted physicians and subject matter experts in cybersecurity, data analytics, and the cloud.  When properly implemented, this uniquely comprehensive plan yields measurable and profitable results.



Topline Healthcare is well vetted by and in partnership with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).  We are the first company ever to successfully complete multiple CMS pilot programs, which is the proving ground for enacting new ideas and regulations in the healthcare industry nationwide. With the help of our leadership team of experts and oversight from CMS, participating in this exciting program allows your company to advance your goals within the CMS framework.


With a customized pathway of interoperability, we developed an innovative approach to patient satisfaction and brand recognition. Partnering with notable software and technology companies such as Adobe Systems Inc. and Infor, we are leaders on the cutting-edge of customer satisfaction and development of unique processes that are compatible with major systems including EPIC, Clover Leaf, Cerner, and All Scripts.

Your Success is Our Priority


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I endorse enthusiastically this scholarly, substantive and enlightening essay.

— Oscar Mann M.D., FACP, FACC, FCCP

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