Using a targeted approach, we utilize cutting-edge technology, up-to-date information and proven strategies to train your staff in becoming the experts that every facility needs in today's competitive healthcare world.  Our courses include Project Management, Case Management, Certified Physician Advisor, Certified RAC Specialist, and certifying as a Codeable Language Specialist.


We offer a comprehensive number of educational packages, which include focused training, continuing education, and ongoing regulatory updates as they occur. TOPLINE Training is for the motivated professional looking to expand opportunities and successfully advance their career in the exciting world of health care today.


 Project Management
Project Management skills involve leadership, budgets, timelines, schedule projections and day-to-day management of projects.  This high demand, ever-expanding field offers growth in your career by allowing you to be on the leading edge of implementing new ideas.
Case Management 
This course introduces you to the basics of case management, from admissions to continued stay and perspective payments. We will equip you to enter this exciting field and become a leader in your area of expertise, which is in high demand given all of the federal regulations and changes that are occurring in health care today.


Certified Physician Advisor 
Physician Advisors are trained in today's advanced documentation techniques on how to work with the providers in their facility and improve overall performance. This role has become more important than ever due to the implementation of clinical validity as set forth by Congress in 2015. This position is vital to success in health care today.
Certified RAC Specialist
This new and intriguing field is a critical component in the current healthcare climate. With this certification, not only will you become instrumental in the financial success and stability of your facility, but you will also be enabled to write appeals that stand all levels of approval.
Codeable Language Specialist


Stay ahead of the wave of change by certifying as a Codeable Language Specialist.  With an emphasis on clinical validity, this course will train you in the concepts of documentation, which is acceptable by every payer in the nation.  Become a pivotal component of success in your facility today!

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The Tidal Wave of Change in Healthcare Today


"Medical Billing is in the Dark Ages" claims Page Winfield Cunningham, The Washington Examiner's healthcare correspondent, in a May 7th, 2015 article and one of many about the problems facing the healthcare industry. Mark Kimmel, Ph.D., co-founder of Topline Healthcare and leading expert, with over 25 years of experience in healthcare and its related research, sheds light and sees hope in this publication. Mark not only provides a masterful analysis of why hospitals and providers are struggling to stay afloat, he also shows the correct path with a proven business model to bring healthcare providers kicking and screaming into the 21st century. I endorse enthusiastically this scholarly, substantive, and enlightening essay.

— Oscar Mann M.D., FACP, FACC, FCCP

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