Adobe, Infor and Topline Healthcare Align to Simplify Federal Healthcare Payments


October 17, 2016, 09:00 AM

NEW YORK -  Oct 17, 2016

Three leading-edge system/software companies, Adobe, Infor and Topline Healthcare, have come together combining their experience in innovation, cloud and healthcare strategies to resolve a significant industry challenge. Known as H3 Solution, this technology provides a thoughtful and intelligent answer to the government mandate for interoperability.

Interoperability has long been a hurdle for Federal regulated healthcare programs, as the exchange of information across disparate systems is not only a challenging process, but is also one that is highly regulated for patient security and privacy. For years this issue has muddled and slowed the process of reimbursement for essential Federal healthcare initiatives, which directly impacts the quality and access of healthcare professionals for Americans at a time when such programs are seeing exponential growth in the healthcare industry as a whole.

In development of H3 Solution, Topline Healthcare's system, processes and proprietary software, Codeable LanguageTM, became the first system of it's kind to be endorsed by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and listed on CMS's Interoperability website. Then, once partnered with Adobe and Infor, H3 Solution was further developed to adhere to the changing paradigm of the healthcare industry, which is rapidly becoming patient-centric and value based. New payment models that encourage and facilitate better coordination not only help reduce errors and complexities, but also help assure the quality, efficiency, and safety of healthcare delivery.

H3 Solution includes functionality for three core components: AEM from Adobe, Cloverleaf from Infor, and Codeable LanguageTM from Topline Healthcare. Infor Cloverleaf is a market leading, enterprise-caliber integration engine that facilitates the movement of highly secure data through disparate systems within and outside the healthcare enterprise, and will help transition the healthcare industry to adopt the new HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Draft Interoperability Standard, and operate in a more modern, data-driven environment. With H3 Solution, the process of finding the correct forms is simplified through AEM, and the Codeable LanguageTM system aids providers in documentation while improving accuracy and efficiency.  Once the forms and documentation are completed, they are submitted via Cloverleaf for approval to Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) and Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC).

"Our leadership in cloud-based content and data platforms make us a mission critical partner to the world's biggest federal agencies as they transform how they engage with their customers." said Ian Thompson, Director of Federal Healthcare, Adobe Systems Incorporated.

"Modern healthcare is becoming an increasingly complex topic in the US, particularly when integrated with other intricate subject matters such as technology and government, but these challenges should never affect the quality or availability of medical attention. It was with that thought in mind that we began a collaborative process with Adobe and Topline, to create a technology that helps simplify the transactional aspects of healthcare and provides greater access to patients and providers alike," said Wayne Bobby, Vice President, Infor Federal. "We look forward to collaborating with Adobe and Topline for years to come, and continuing to help solve core issues for government and healthcare."

"With the collaboration of Adobe, Infor and Topline Healthcare in creating H3 Solution, we are offering simple solutions to very complicated problems," said Jay Nussbaum, Chairman of the Board, Topline Healthcare. "Together, I believe this partnership is creating a powerful shift in the healthcare industry.  We look forward to affecting this change together."

The H3 Solution is available Fall 2016 through the strategic partnership of Adobe, Infor and Topline Healthcare.

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