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Our TOPLINE team of industry leaders and experts has more than 60 years of combined experience that will be placed with a focus directed at your areas of need.  We will evaluate your processes, work flows, documentation, security protocols, billing and coding.  This data will be used to create a lean process that increases profitability by decreasing cost, decreasing your accounts receivable days, and decreasing error rates.  Our team is powered by subject matter experts in physician documentation, lean processes, billing and coding, along with health information services, project management, cyber security and successful revenue growth. 

Evaluations & Implementation Plans 

DO IT WITH YOU — Regardless of the magnitude of your problem, our experts can assist you in creating a successful pathway for both you and your patients.  From the smallest detail to the largest obstacle, we are equipped to help you with your day-to-day processes.  Cyber Security, clinical documentation, billing, coding and business practices are all key components to your success. We collaborate with you to ensure consistent and continued revenue growth.


DO IT FOR YOU — If you prefer, we'll do it for you.  We'll get results for you while you do what you do best.  With the implementation of our proven strategies to win appeals, this comprehensive system decreases your AR days while increasing your efficacy and return on investment.  One of the many components that sets us apart is our ability to insert the current ever-changing regulations (current and projected), while being mindful of your systems, requirements, and need for efficient payment.

Policies & Procedures

Are your Policies & Procedures current, compliant and complete?  Are you certain?  It is often misunderstood how important Policies & Procedures are.  They can be the protection between you and litigation.   Policies & Procedures must adhere to local state and federal laws.  Our complete evaluation of your Policies & Procedures will give you a risk analysis, at which time we can redo them for you, or you can use our plan and redo them yourself.  We partner with you in whichever way you feel comfortable to ensure your success.

H3 Solution

Topline Healthcare is proud to partner with Adobe and Infor in bringing you H3 Solution, which is the first successful CMS recognized interoperable program offering an end-to-end billing solution for providers.  It combines Adobe's active documents, Topline Healthcare's Codeable LanguageTM, and Infor's Clover Leaf.  All three of these solutions offer interoperability, which is the current drive for CMS. 


H3 allows you to create an environment within your EMR system that gives the provider all the information needed at their fingertips. It fully integrates with CMS's MAC, RAC and ZPIC, and allows you to have exact data points to pull from.  This cutting-edge solution helps you get ahead and stay ahead of the changes that are being proposed and implemented in healthcare today.

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"Medical Billing is in the Dark Ages" claims Page Winfield Cunningham, The Washington Examiner's healthcare correspondent, in a May 7th, 2015 article and one of many about the problems facing the healthcare industry. Mark Kimmel, Ph.D.,  co-founder of Topline Healthcare and leading expert, with over 20 years of experience in healthcare and its related research, sheds light and sees hope in his publication, The Tidal Wave of Change in Healthcare Today.  Mark not only provides a masterful analysis of why "hospitals and providers are struggling to stay afloat," but he also shows the correct path with a proven business model to bring healthcare providers kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

I endorse enthusiastically this scholarly, substantive and enlightening essay.

— Oscar Mann M.D., FACP, FACC, FCCP

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